Transmission lines and Network
W.C. Johnson, McGraw Hill

BAB 1. Distributed Constant and Travelling Wave
1.1. Introduction
1.2. The Distributed Constant of Te Line
1.3. Notation and Unit
1.4. The Differential Equation For The Uniform Line
1.5. Travelling Wave on a Lossless Line
1.6. Reflection

BAB 2. The a-c Steady State Line With No-Reflection
2.1. The Rotating Vector
2.2. A-C Steady State Solution For Thee Uniform Line
2.3. The Line With No-Reflection
2.4. The Traaveling Wave and its Characteristic
2.5. Note on Characteristic Impedance
2.6. The Decibel and The Nepers
2.7. Variation of Zo, λ and β with Frequeency
2.8. The Distortionless Line
2.9. Inductive Loading
2.10. Phase and Group Velocities

BAB 3. The Constant of Two Conductor Line
3.1. A Qualitative Picture of Skin Effect
3.2. Skin Effect in Parallel Conductor
3.3. Intenal Impedance
3.4. The Internal Impedance of a Plane Conductor
3.5. Skin Effect in a Cylindrical Conductor
3.6. The Internal Impedance of a Cylindrical Conductor
3.7. The Field about a long Cylindrical Conductor
3.8. The Constan of Parallel Wire Line
3.9. The Constants of Coaxial Line
3.10. The Constants of Parallel Stripe Line

BAB 4. Line With Reflection
4.1. Various Exponential Forms of The A-C Steady State Solution
4.2. Solution in Term of Eg , Zg and ZR
4.3. Hiperbolic Function
4.4. Hyperbolic Form of The Solution
4.5. Interference and Standing Wave Patterns
4.6. The Crank Diagram
4.7. Measurement of The Characteristic of Line
4.8. Equivalent Four Terminal Network
4.9. Insert Ratio and Insertion Loss